This afternoon, I got an sms from my beloved friend, Fdean told me that Una's father (Una is another good friend of mine) are in the critical health condition. Astagafirullahahladzim..., I was so shock and honestly can understand Una's feeling at that time. Thanks to Fdean for updating me, and unfortunately our plan for vacation officially canceled.

The feelings are blended all together, sad and maybe a bit of disappointment, but as a friend, I do understand Una's situation and this is not his faults. Lets pray for his father, may Allah give him strength to survive!.

As for me, I'm totally in a big lost, searching for a backup plan for this coming CNY holiday after all the sudden. Thinking of going back to my Encik Dato' and Puan Datin house, but I can't because they will go to Penang for my cousin's engagement ceremony. Arghhh not another wedding-related things!!!! Hey give me some space please! I made up my mind for not going back there. So what should I do then? I try to have some proper plan with Inert for this CNY holiday and we aren't make any decision yet. Hopefully there will be a good future tomorrow. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee ..I need a break!~

Oitt - Still hope that a miracle will come to me after all.
Oiit - No matter what, I must do something for this coming holiday!

SEARCHING!!! SEARCHING!!!SEARCHING!!! tetttttttttttttttt.....



  1. bukan ko mmg nak g penang ke?
    and jadi tukang gambar pengantin???

    apsal tak mau pulak. gaahahaha

  2. Deen =

    Tu bulan 3 dan bukan kat Penang..yang kat Penang ni bertunang jer dan aku taknak g.... huhuhu

  3. larr Janggel, beriya ari2 kata nak p Penang masa CNY... bukan erk???

  4. CikMas =

    Hmm rasa macam malas plak nak ke penang...dah penat melayan kerenah kawin mawin nih...


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