Another Successful Plan!


Kehkehkeh mesti korang semua meluat nak baca kan asyik entry pasal makan saja! Anyway this is the only story left for this Ramadhan, nothing else become more interesting rather than eating right?? (Its really gave me satisfactory)

Ok let's the story begin. Last Wednesday I successfully manage the Iftar programme with a few of my colleague. Actually this is a last minute plan, after me and another friend of mine sitting together while gossiping in the office, suddenly the ideas came. So without further delay, we sent the invitation to all colleagues. Discussing through email is an easy way nowadays, and surprisingly the feedback were really good.

This email thing continues for about a week, to get a confirmation from all invited guesses was not an easy way, many suggestion for the venue as well as the location.  So many choices!! Ada yang nak makan TOMYAM la, yang elergic dengan foodcourt la, nak makan makanan kampung la, nak yang murah la.... then finally with the "Veto power" from my colleague, we decided to make it happen at Secret Recipe, Alamanda. Thank God, the booking process came with successful result.

Then, the day has come. Almost 17th  people gathered under one roof. Some bring along their families and it was so exciting! Thanks to the organizer for making this happened. And we hope that this kind of gathering will continue in the future.

Kids meal - Ofcoz for kids...look tempting!
Cutie ADLINA!!! Playing with her mommy's HP.
The free drinks - Complimentary from SR

Oiittttt- Sorry la kualiti gambar kurang memuaskan. Pakai HP sajer.


  1. time2 tengahari ni, leh lak terbaca blog ko bro..

    sdap tul tgk kids meal tu. haih!

  2. Nuke -

    hahaha boleh pulak yer. alhamdulillah ada gak org jenguk kuikuikui.

  3. hang ni mmg suke makan ek...hakhakhak

  4. Pencacai Alim-

    Alamk bro, dah jadi hobi la... makan adalah hidupku...

  5. er... xleh dok lama2 blog ko ni perut aku dok berbunyi jer... heheheh ha! lupa plak selamat hari raya!! eh! duit raya xde ker? hehe gurau2...

  6. Nick -

    Sabor nick..hari masih awal..belom boleh buka.

    Selamat Hari raya juga.
    Maaf zahir batin..

    Duit raya untuk budak bawah umur 15 taun jer hahaha


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