Pakcik Makan kat Vicuda


Another story from the very sacred Ramadhan. Even-thou dah banyak entry cerita pasal berbuka puasa, makan-makan, a lot of foods, etc., but this time, the story is a bit special. Why? sebab kali ini my very good friends are in the line. Fdean and Wan , both are the very good friends of mine since I was in the secondary school, and this time, both of them went down to KL to share a good Iftar with me! Thanks a lot!

The place that we went for Iftar located nearby One Utama, at Damansara Utama. A Siamese restaurant I think, looking at the name, Vichuda (don't know the correct spelling) but the thing that I'm very sure is about the waitress, all the way from Thailand (sebab bile aku suruh tambah order - I spoke in Malay but she didn't understand) only when I tried to speak in Kelantan ascent (pandai ker aku berghecek Kelate?) hahaha then she understood what am I talking about. That makes 1 Malaysia concept become real.

Actually we didn't make any reservation for this iftar. Just try our luck by walk-in and luckily there's a place for us. Thank God. Syukur Alhamdulillah, and it was at 6.00 pm. (Giler awal kan?) And we saw, almost half of the restaurant already reserved for other customers. Suprisingly, awal-awal lagi dah siap ada makanan atas meja! Ada siakap masak tiga rasa lah, tomyam campur la and many more. Seems like every tables have the same menu for iftar today. Agaknya masakan siam ni sama je kot? hahaha. But i really like Siam's food.

After handling difficulties with the waitress to make an order. We just sitting there and chatting. Sedikit demi sedikit restoran itu dipenuhi oleh pelanggan. Full house!!! What ever it is, we are so happy on that day becoz we manage to have a good Iftar pluss sharing an idea of life that we have been faced all this time.

Ok, lets see what are the food for Iftar that we caught on that day...


Time ni Siakap kami blom sampai

And finally, there is our siakap tiga rasa

Look tempting right?

Still early...but most of the tables are already served.

Then, all the dishes are gone!


  1. Pencacai Alim -

    Hakhakhak, mmg tengah lapar tuh..sambil sembang sambil ngunyah sedar2 dah licin.

  2. eh bro.. ni vichuda DU ke, dataran sunway??

  3. Nuke -

    Ha ah..yup kat Uptown Damansara. dekat ngan OU.


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