::Hari Raya~Pose till the End::

Yup, this is the reason why I love to celebrate Hari Raya. Photo shoot!!! Kuang..kuang..kuang.. instead of being a model for myself, me also become a photographer in collaboration with my cousin's effort as well.
Located at some beautiful, sweet place in Selangor, Malaysia, we dedicate these photos to our beloved "granny" for the sake of memorable, happiness and family matters. Just enjoy it... We love u "Embah!".

P/S: Arip..."Rumah Embah Production tu active lagi ke???


  1. wahhh indahhnyer kg mu en.janggel.. :D

  2. Ramainyer sepupu ko... hehe..
    X pernah cerita kat aku pun tentang hal ittew..

  3. alias::??? huhuhu perlukah aku menceritakannya???


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